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This month in the Dermatology E-News, faculty of the 2023 Skin of Color Update and Hawaii Derm share some insights on keeping up on new aesthetic technologies/devices/treatments, the best devices or tools in their clinical arsenals, and the most critical new advances in their respective areas of dermatology treatment. The Skin of Color Update meeting is this week so don’t miss out—register here!

Last month we spoke with Dr. Ted Rosen about several topics, including his upcoming 2023 Skin of Color Update  presentation on Connective Tissue Diseases in Patients With Skin of Color. We also covered a variety of hot button topics in our Rapid Fire! with Dr. Rosen, who was a good sport and answered all of our invasive questions! Click here to see if you missed it! 

Thank you to our faculty for their time and expertise this month. Enjoy the fall season and we hope to see you at SOCU! —Colleen Hutchinson

Rapid Fire with Our Thought Leaders…

How would you characterize the growth in so many new aesthetic technologies/devices/treatments, and how can a practicing dermatologist keep up?

Dr. Watchmaker: The field of aesthetic medicine is ever expanding. Younger patients are seeking cosmetic intervention, and many older patients are opting to forgo surgery for more minimally invasive procedures. I feel like every week there is a new treatment or device that is hitting the market! Attending conferences and reading peer-reviewed medical journals can help practicing dermatologists stay up to date.

What is the best device/tool in your clinical arsenal?

Dr. Battle: They are the following:

  • Skin Analysis: 1st - my eyes. 2nd - Visia; 
  • Laser Hair Removal: Long pulsed Nd: YAG (Elite); 
  • Complexion Improvement: 1540 Fractional (Icon); 
  • Texture and Tightening: Fractional Microneedling RF (Morpheus)

Dr. González: Chemical peels—most providers underestimate the wide range of conditions peels can treat.

Dr. Jagdeo: My hands and brain are essential to helping patients achieve their best clinical outcomes.

Dr. Burgess: 18-gauge needle.

Dr. Baldwin: My eyes. 

Most critical new advance in your area of dermatology treatment:  

Dr. Melinda Jen: Additional targeted therapeutics for atopic dermatitis, especially with pediatric dosing and approval.

Dr. Jagdeo: I believe that we will continue to see the rise of home use LED systems for skin health and wellness, and advances in cosmeceuticals and sunscreens for all skin types.

Dr. Battle: Lasers that can precisely target dermal lesions.

Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez: Topical gene therapy just approved for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. This will really pave the way for treatment for other single gene disorders in dermatology.

Dr. Baldwin: The explosion in biologics and other anti-inflammatory agents for AD and psoriasis.

Dr. Burgess: Critical, in a more negative aspect and more needed research….artificial intelligence to be inclusive of skin of color. Most applications for dermatologic diagnosis are not for skin of color.

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