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This month in the Dermatology E-Newsletter, we are diverting from our usual faculty interview format to shine light on a new program that just launched at the 2023 Skin of Color Update. Be sure to keep scrolling through and read about the unique opportunity we gave to a select group of dermatologists with distinct voices on social media. 

Last month we spoke with faculty from the 2023 Skin of Color Update and Hawaii Derm who shared some insights on new aesthetic technologies/devices/treatments, the best devices or tools in their clinical arsenals, and the most critical new advances in their respective areas of dermatology treatment! Click here to see if you missed it! 

Rising Voices Amplified at Skin of Color Update

This past October Medscape launched the Rising Voices program at the 2023 Skin of Color Update (SOCU). 

At Medscape, we understand the importance of providing not only educational opportunities for dermatologists starting their professional careers, but also an opportunity to interact and network with each other and well established dermatologists who can provide invaluable insights into a young dermatologist's career and knowledge. The Rising Voices program highlights dermatologists with distinct voices on social media and brings them together for a one-of-a-kind networking experience. 

During the 2023 Skin of Color Update a group of ten dermatologists were invited to attend an intimate meet and greet with faculty and Medscape staff. The attendees were introduced to SOCU faculty members Candrice R. Heath, MD, FAAD and Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD. Attendees were also able to network with each other, have a digital illustration created by a caricature artist, take photos in the “your skin in your best asset” corner and take home an exclusive swag bag. Attendees were encouraged to share their experience at the event on social media. Here is what a couple of attendees of the event had to say:   

“Rising Voices is a great opportunity here at SOCU to uplift and highlight voices in dermatology who are making strides into expanding our field and helping to improve outcomes for patients of all skin types.” -Prince Adotama, MD

“Feels extraordinary to be here as part of the Rising Voices just to get a sense of people who are up and coming as well.” -Nkem Ugonabo, M.D., M.P.H

“We come to learn when we come to conferences but we also come to network.” -Hope Mitchell, MD, FAAD 

Medscape is extremely excited about this new initiative and looks forward to inviting more rising voices to the program. 

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