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Welcome back to MedscapeLIVE! Dermatology! We hope your 2024 is off to a great start. We’ve got some exciting learning events in store for you with upcoming meetings, special interviews, and more. 2024 is the year to get current on everything from aesthetic to clinical in the exploding realm of research in dermatology. With advances being made quickly, and paradigm shifts in treatment options and protocols, patient selection, and guidelines and gold standards as a result, look to MedscapeLIVE! Dermatology to keep you up to date and connected to the front lines of innovation.

This month catch up with some of Medscape’s faculty Dr. Michael Kaminer, Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker, and Dr. Jennifer Soung, who candidly share their thoughts and opinions on all things new in treatment options in both clinical and aesthetic dermatology. Read on to see what they say when the microphone is off! 

Need CME? We’ve got you covered! 

Three meetings you can register for today: The upcoming 2nd Annual Pigmentary Disorders Exchange Symposium in June (more details below), the Skin of Color Update in September, and the Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar, also in September! Click on these meeting links to register and catch up on your CME!

The 2nd Annual Pigmentary Disorders Exchange Symposium

Register now by clicking here!

Loews Chicago Hotel • Chicago, Illinois, June 7-8, 2024

  • World-renowned dermatology experts will spend two full days diving deep into pigmentary disorders in the full spectrum of skin tones.
  • Brought to you by MedscapeLIVE! and the producers of ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic, and Surgical Conference and Skin of Color Update.
  • At the Pigmentary Disorders Exchange Symposium, participants will increase their understanding of:
    • The effects of pigmentary disorders on patients' quality of life.
    • The need for paradigm shifts in how we approach these individuals.
    • The pathogenesis, nuances in clinical presentation, and full range of therapeutic options, including topical approaches, oral interventions, and procedural modalities, for the full spectrum of diseases from hyperpigmentation to hypopigmentation.
  • To register click here!

Check out this month’s Derm Resource section, with articles from JAMA Dermatology, Dermatology News, Cutis, NEJM and more. Thank you to these thought leaders featured in this issue for sharing their perspectives on progress in 2023. Please contact me at colleen@cmhadvisors.com with comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading! —Colleen Hutchinson

Rapid Fire with Our Thought Leaders…

Most reliable dermatology treatment in my treatment armamentarium?

Dr. Kaminer: Thermage® and non-ablative Fraxel®. They have both stood the test of time and are highly effective in a very predictable way for the vast majority of patients. These are two of our secret weapons.

Dr. Watchmaker: Neuromodulators!

Dr. Soung: Cyclosporine for hypersensitivity reactions.

Most critical new advance in your area of dermatology treatment:

Dr. Jennifer Soung: New oral treatments for patients with alopecia areata: Litfulo™  and Olumiant®.

Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker: Skin boosters. They have been popular in Europe and other countries for years and the first one, Skinvive™, just got approved in the United States this year.

Dr. Michael Kaminer: A focus on safety of cosmetic injection techniques.

What is the best device/tool in your clinical arsenal now?

Dr. Watchmaker: Nonablative fractional thulium laser. It's not a new device but it’s a great laser to improve the appearance and the health of the skin.

Dr. Soung: I love biologics for psoriasis--you can reliably treat psoriasis with IL17 or IL23. If it doesn't clear, double check your diagnosis.

Dr. Kaminer: Injectables. They create so many options for creating personalized and natural outcomes.

How would you characterize the growth in so many new aesthetic technologies/devices/treatments, and what do you do to keep up?

Dr. Watchmaker: I keep up by reading journal articles, attending conferences, and chatting with colleagues.

Dr. Soung: A little overwhelming. I love podcasts when I'm driving.

Dr. Kaminer: The reality is that most of the new technologies don’t live up to the hype. The challenge is knowing which ones are going to work, and avoiding those that are more hype than reality.

What was something you have recently LEARNED from other faculty/conference proceedings that was practical for you to take back to practice and utilize?

Dr. Watchmaker: I love learning new tips and tricks from Dr. Vince Bertucci. He is an expert at facial evaluation and assessment, and I love hearing how he approaches cosmetic patients. I learned from him that the depth of injection of neuromodulators in the frontalis muscle can change their effect (the deeper the injection, the more effective).

Dr. Soung: Dermeleve® topical cream for pruritus NOS or notalgia paresthetica.

Dr. Kaminer: Chin augmentation with fillers. Incredibly easy to perform and highly effective for creating natural facial proportions and improving the submental region.

Dermatology Resource Section: 

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