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Welcome back to Innovations in Dermatology! We hope your 2023 is off to a great start.

If you haven’t registered to attend the upcoming February Hawaii Dermatology Seminar (45th Annual), now is the time to do so! Click here to get access to the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment guidance on complicated conditions and cases by the most qualified experts. Attending Hawaii Derm enables you to return to work with the most current treatment armamentarium to date, and to manage the most challenging and difficult-to-treat patients in their clinics.

This month catch up with the 3 co-chairs of Medscape’s Hawaii Derm, Drs. Michael Kaminer, Linda Stein Gold, and Lawrence Eichenfield, and their 2 advisory chairs, Drs. Jacqueline Watchmaker and Jennifer Seoung, who bring a critical knowledge of new research, current issues, and best practices in dermatology to this interview and to the  Hawaii Derm agenda. Read on for some sneak peek clinical pearls that attendees will be learning.

Register now! For the upcoming February Hawaii Dermatology Seminar (45th Annual)

Waikiki Beach Marriott • Honolulu, Hawaii, February 19-24, 2023

·        World-class faculty will bring you the latest dermatological advancements with presentations that go beyond the podium.

·        With interactive exhibitions, live-patient injection sessions, workshops, talkbacks and other surprising new formats, you’ll return to practice with information that will make an immediate impact on patient care.

·        From new developments in aesthetic medicine to the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of skin diseases, this 6-day event covers everything from acne to atopic dermatitis, psoriasis to skin cancers, surgical pearls to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

·        To register click here!

Need CME? We’ve got you covered! Two meetings you can still view and get CME from online: The Innovations in Dermatology Fall Conference that took place in November, and the Beauty Through Science BtS | New York conference that just took place in December! Click on either meeting link to register and catch up on your CME!

Check out this month’s Derm Resource section, with articles from JAMA Dermatology, Dermatology News, Cutis, NEJM and more. Thank you to these thought leaders featured in this issue for sharing their perspectives on progress in 2022. Please contact me at colleen@cmhadvisors.com with comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading! —Colleen Hutchinson

Looking Ahead to 2023 and Hawaii Derm

Hawaii Derm is right around the corner. With new topics and presenters, it’s a very fresh look at aesthetics. What are some of the strengths of this year’s agenda that will provide critical value and return-to-practice impact to the attendee?

Dr. Stein Gold: With so many new drugs recently approved, it is great to hear all of the critical safety and efficacy information from those who have actual firsthand knowledge.  I appreciate having all of the lectures in one place so that I don't have to choose between topics.  I can hear everything!

Dr. Eichenfield: We have an incredible faculty, and I am especially excited about our energetic young faculty who will be ready to discuss fresh approaches to patient care and clinical practice, based on the newest and evolving research and best practices. Our medical, aesthetic, surgical and oncology sessions are superb, and our pediatric faculty is a lineup of stars in the field!

Dr. Watchmaker: I'm so excited about all the new cosmetic faculty coming to Hawaii Derm this year.  It's going to be a great program with experts in the field discussing what's new in the cosmetic space, how to best approach the aesthetic patient, and practical tips and tricks on neuromodulators, fillers, body contouring and more. I also think the roundtable discussions and live injection portion of the program will be informative and very valuable to the attendees!


Dr. Seong: Case discussions will be interactive and thought provoking to help you apply the concepts you learn to real world clinical practice.


Can you share any pearls you will specifically be presenting at the meeting?

Dr. Seong: Response: Of the biologics for treatment of psoriasis, Tremfya® has the best persistence data in the real world.


Dr. Watchmaker: I will be presenting on what's new with fillers in 2023. I will be discussing new injection techniques, new studies, and new fillers that have recently hit the market. I will also be moderating a few roundtable discussions, including one on the top 5 cosmetic concerns patients present to the office with and how to address them. 


Dr. Stein Gold: I will be discussing how the new topical agents will fit in for psoriasis and review which patients will see the best results.


Dr. Eichenfield: My biggest pearl is how to figure out when you are willing to take on newer medications or regimens of care during rapid evolutions in therapeutic options. We all have different “jumping off points.”  As one of the Chairs of the conference, I always want our faculty to help each of us be more educated and comfortable with emerging technology, procedures, and medication, and help us to figure out “what’s right for my patients and practice.”

What was your most memorable case of 2022 and why?

Dr. Watchmaker: My most memorable case of 2022 was a patient who had been suffering from acne for years.  I initially treated her acne medically and then treated her acne scars with fractional non ablative laser, pulsed dye laser and microneedling. Over the course of the year, I saw her demeanor shift from self-conscious and shy to a confident and overall happier young woman.

Dr. Seong: A patient with psoriasis previously well controlled on Stelara® was diagnosed with monkey pox. I couldn't believe he was one of the first cases of monkeypox in the southern California region.

Dr. Eichenfield: There are so many that come to mind, some “zebras” and some “special horses.” Probably the most memorable is an atopic dermatitis 4-month-old who had such severe disease that he was hospitalized and almost needed ICU care, with a complicated family perspective on eczema. A big challenge in care from medical, social, and psychological perspectives. And like many memorable cases, I learned a lot during the process!

Dermatology Resource Section:

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Medscape February 45th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar (Waikiki Beach Marriott, Honolulu, Hawaii) February 19-24, 2023