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Hawaii Dermatology Seminar Day 5
February 22, 2024
by Colleen Hutchinson

That’s a wrap on the 46th Annual Hawaii Derm! With an agenda that comprised all of the essential topics in dermatology today, the faculty of Hawaii Derm have outdone themselves! This week they updated our attendees on the most critical new advances in techniques, treatments, and patient selection considerations that benefit all dermatology practices.

“I really liked the panel discussions at Hawaii Derm, where the material comes to life! You get to hear experts discuss their personal approaches to thinking about and treating challenging situations.”—Dr. Jennifer Soung

With the Hawaii Derm agenda including all new developments in aesthetic medicine and the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of skin diseases, today’s focus was aesthetics, sun, and cancer:

  • Session XIV: Aesthetics for the Sun-Damaged Patient
  • Session XV: Cutaneous Malignancies Practice Pearls, Part 1
  • Session XV: Cutaneous Malignancies Practice Pearls, Part 2

Session XIV comprised Photoprotection Basics, presented by Dr. Omer Ibrahim, Not Just a Pretty Face: How Cosmeceuticals Can Improve Skin Health from Dr. Brooke C. Sikora, and Lasers and Skin Health from Dr. Brian Hibler.

The second half of Session XIV included a presentation titled Wrinkly, Sun Damaged, and Pigmented, Oh My! The Approach to the Photodamaged Patient, from Nazanin Saedi, MD, Treatment of Scars After Skin Cancer Surgery from MOHS expert Thomas E. Rohrer, MD, and The Aging Paradigm from Dr. Natasha A. Mesinkovska.

The next session zeroed in on cancer. Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob  served as Session Chair of Cutaneous Malignancies Practice Pearls, Part 1, and he also presented The Role of the Pigmented Lesion Expert in the Age of Technology: Part 1.

Dr. Chrysalyne D. Schmults followed with two talks: Managing Cutaneous Malignancies: NCCN Update, and Preventing Skin Cancer: Field Cancerization Treatment and Skin Cancer Prophylactic Strategies. Drs. Maghoob and Schmults then served on the panel of Challenging Cases. This segment provided multidisciplinary discussion surrounding challenging cases. Beneficial to all attendees, experts discussed and debated various treatment options and modalities in different circumstances.

Dr. Michael Marchetti presented today on The Role of in Vivo Gene Expression Profiling for the Clinician: “Today I focused on the clinical scenarios in which the use of tape-stripping assays might be beneficial when you are concerned about melanoma.”

“This week, I especially appreciated the medical dermatology sessions, particularly rosacea, prurigo nodularis, and hidradenitis suppurativa,” Dr. Marchetti remarked. “I always learn useful pearls from the Hawaii Derm distinguished faculty to apply to challenging patients. I attend not just as faculty, but as an attendee to further improve my knowledge so that I can provide optimal care for my patients.”

Dr. Whitney High gave two talks on Features to Help Differentiate Aggressive From Indolent Melanoma and The Law and Skin Cancer: What Every Clinician Should Know, which all attendees found extremely valuable for their practices.

He touched on the value of Session XV Cutaneous Malignancies, explaining, “While there is great advancement in the field of pigmented lesions and melanoma, there is still no diagnostic test that has 100% sensitivity or 100% specificity for diagnosing melanoma or even predicting which melanomas may be aggressive. This means that clinicians must understand the situations in which additional testing may be useful, and how it may still result in limitations in understanding. This session covered those types of knowledge gaps to improve care.”

Sharing a pearl from one of his talks, Dr. High stated: “While we are able to identify most melanoma, there are about 15% of lesions for which there exist reasonable disagreements, even among experts, as to the biologic potential of a melanocytic process, and we discussed use of immunohistochemical staining or genetic testing to attempt to characterize those lesions.”

Wrapping up the last day of the meeting with a second Challenging Cases segment, Drs. Maghoob, High, and Marchetti opined on various cases and then conducted a final lively Audience Q&A and Panel Discussion to complete the day.

During the past several days, we’ve been treated to excellent coverage and updates on treatment innovations for some of the most challenging dermatological challenges and skin conditions. Thank you to our chairs, our faculty, and our attendees for making this such a great meeting for all dermatologist attendees and faculty alike!

by Colleen Hutchinson


Photos of the Day

Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob leads the Dermoscopy Workshop at the end of Day 4.

We ended day 4 with the highly anticipated Luau.

Luau performers joined us for photos.

Faculty Conversations

MedscapeLIVE! Booth Winners of the Day

Congratulations to our final two MedscapeLIVE! Booth raffle winners! (Anjali Washington, PA-C, Reynold Wong, MD)

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