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Hawaii Dermatology Seminar Day 4
February 21, 2024
by Colleen Hutchinson

Almost at the homestretch of Day 4 of Hawaii Derm’s end, today attendees enjoyed a comprehensive agenda that brings them current on various new research and treatment options.

Hawaii Derm is a valuable meeting because it truly serves as a yearly crash course on "everything you need to know" about medical and aesthetic dermatology. The information is up-to-date, concise, and delivered in a bite-sized format that makes it easy to digest and remember!"—Omer Ibrahim, MD

Faculty Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob shared one of the most critical aspects of Hawaii Derm for him as a faculty and as an attendee: “Hearing firsthand and interacting with experts in the field of cutaneous oncology in a friendly and collegial manner about issues relevant in today’s age.”


“I found yesterday’s discussions and live injections for cosmetic injectables very valuable,” Dr. Michael Kaminer shared. “We had an incredible panel, and every year we learn valuable new techniques and perspectives. I’m also excited about enhancements we have made to the program that make cosmetic dermatology more accessible to general dermatologists.”

“In my presentations yesterday,” Dr. Mark Rubin shared, “a central theme was that nuance makes a big difference in cosmetic dermatology. Paying attention to detail is very important.”

So what was covered specifically on Day 4?

  • Session XI: Practical Points for Common Pediatric Skin Conditions
  • Session XII: Pediatric Dermatology Management Updates
  • Session XIII: Pediatric Dermatology Diagnosis and Management Challenges
  • And the Dermoscopy Workshop!—from Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD

Amy Paller, MD, presented on several topics. Some pearls she discussed were:

  •  How understanding underlying pathway activation of genetic disorders is providing new, targeted means for treating
  • Discussion about choices of systemic medications for psoriasis

Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob once again conducted the Dermoscopy Workshop in the afternoon. “Special Site Dermoscopy: Palms, Soles and Nail Unit” was full of practice pearls for differentiating between benign and malignant lesions, using an algorithmic approach.

He also shared a main pearl from one of his talks during Day 4 that should echo through every talk and every day of every medical conference: “Clinicians will remain critically important in the age of technology and artificial intelligence!”

Dr. Paller: “Hearing from other experts on pediatric dermatology has been invaluable, including catching up on what's new with allergies, since we see so much in our kids with atopic dermatitis. As a specialist at our institution in pediatric rheumatologic disorders with skin manifestations, heating a talk about rheumatology challenges is so important. So many great nuggets of information included based on this agenda!

Attending Hawaii Derm builds your treatment armamentarium to date home to your practice, with critical guidance on implementation of new treatments and techniques, and to better manage the most challenging and difficult-to-treat patients in your clinics.


First of all, getting out of the office and visiting beautiful Hawaii is good for the soul! Ocean waves and the spirit of Aloha offer advantages compared to staring at a screen. But the real value is having ready access to experts in the field who are happy to tackle tough cases and to consider really challenging questions.”—Julie Harper, MD

Dr. Kaminer explained that for him, “It’s the people!”

“The faculty is world class, incredibly smart, cutting edge, and importantly completely accessible at this conference. Everyone can use a little break from the stress of work, the setting is always spectacular, and the chance to interact with the incredible faculty makes for a winning combination!”

Dr. Sidbury summed it up perfectly: “It is the latest information delivered in the greatest of environments!”

Tomorrow Day 5 we look forward to Session XIV: Aesthetics for the Sun-Damaged Patient, and Session XV: Cutaneous Malignancies Practice Pearls, Parts 1 & 2.

 Looking to tomorrow’s final day, Dr. Whitney High, who will present in Session XV: Cutaneous Malignancies, explained: “There is tremendous value in hearing from PRACTICING clinical experts in the field of cutaneous oncology, who deal with these types of situations, every day, regarding issues that are relevant to providing quality clinical care for patients.”

—by Colleen Hutchinson

Photos of the Day

Interactive Q&A during Session II: The Medical Dermatology Medley

Live injection demonstration with Dr. Mark Rubin during Session IX: Facial Aesthetics 101

The abstracts in the Poster Hall are a conference highlight! 

A Message from Advisory Chair - Dr. Shawn G. Kwatra

MedscapeLIVE! Booth Winner of the Day

Sarah Taylor, PA-C was yesterday's raffle winner at the MedscapeLIVE! Booth.

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