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Hawaii Dermatology Seminar Day 3
February 20, 2024
by Colleen Hutchinson

Welcome to the conclusion of Day 3 of the 46th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar! If you are receiving these daily e-news, you have seen the content, the faculty, and the topics of Hawaii Derm. The agenda of Hawaii Derm speaks for itself, but it is testaments like this one from Dr. Rubin that truly reflect its unique identity and value:

Hawaii Derm is always a cutting-edge meeting, but—unlike some other meetings—the new information is presented through the filter of seasoned faculty with years of experience—they are not just chasing the newest fad.”—Mark Rubin, MD

The agenda today included the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of skin diseases and launched the aesthetic portion of Hawaii Derm:

  • Session VII: Skin Care Pearls
  • Session VIII: Injectables 101 
  • Session IX: Facial Aesthetics 101

What critical content did attendees benefit from on Day 3 Hawaii Derm?

“This year we focused a little more on "Cosmetic Dermatology for the General Dermatologist" so presentations targeted how lasers can improve skin health, and how to treat medical conditions (like rosacea and scarring) with lasers,” explained Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker.

I always love the roundtable discussions with our expert faculty panels,” she added. “We have had some great new interesting cases to discuss. I also greatly enjoyed hearing from Dr. Rohrer, a Mohs surgeon and laser expert who is new to Hawaii Derm this year.”

“I found the case discussions on acne and rosacea by Dr. Eichenfield, Dr. Harper, and Dr. Alexis to be very valuable,” explained faculty Brian Hibler, MD. “There have been many new treatment options in the past year that have hit the market for these conditions, and it’s critical to learn more about how to implement these into practice and how to select the ideal candidate for each.” 

From the cosmetics agenda, Dr. Hibler shared that everyone looked forward to the live injections demonstration in Session IX, as the faculty provided critical new tips and tricks for achieving better aesthetic outcomes.

“I enjoyed hearing the update on hair disorders,” Dr. Omer Ibrahim shared, “as well as gaining insight into the latest treatments for melasma. And really appreciated the live injection sessions on stage today.”

“My presentations on Days 3 and 5 cover multiple topics,” he added. “They include special considerations when wielding lasers in skin of color; pearls, pitfalls, and pathways to success when treating skin of color; and the basics of photoprotection—everything from sunscreen to supplements.”

I asked Dr. Kaminer about what he presented today. “My focus was on the updated science for the etiology of cellulite, and major advancements we’ve made in effectively treating this troublesome skin condition.”

Dr. Christopher Zachary mentioned something other faculty echo regularly: “Since I’m really focused on lasers and device development these days, I really like hearing what’s new in other areas such as acne and rosacea.”

Dr. Watchmaker also shared a helpful pearl from her talk today: “I gave a talk on the treatment of acne scarring. One pearl is that new consensus guidelines and clinical experience have shown us that acne scar treatment can start even while patients are on (or immediately after) taking isotretinoin. We used to think we had to wait 6 months or longer to start treatment for scarring, but that's not the case anymore! For patients who are extremely bothered and self-conscious about their acne scars, this has been very helpful.”

Dr. Hibler told us: “I shared the latest data we have on how laser skin rejuvenation treatments might offer a protective effect against future risk of skin cancer! This represents a paradigm shift, that treatments performed strictly for cosmetic benefit might have a medical benefit as well. I also reviewed some of the ways in which we use lasers to augment our treatment of acne and rosacea, which remain two of the most common medical dermatology conditions I see in my practice.”

Dr. Zachary shared an insightful pearl on imaging from his talk: “I believe that imaging is at the heart of what we do, particularly when it comes to augmented intelligence. And optical coherence tomography (OCT) should be taught to every dermatology resident in the US. The Europeans are light years ahead of us … particularly in terms of early diagnosis of BCC.”

Dr. Eichenfield tells us, “Our pediatric dermatology day tomorrow will be both fun and educational—especially with the lineup of Drs. Amy Paller, Jeff Sugarman, Robert Sidbury, David Schairer and Ruth Ann Vleugals!

  • Session XI: Practical Points for Common Pediatric Skin Conditions
  • Session XII: Pediatric Dermatology Management Updates
  • Session XIII: Pediatric Dermatology Diagnosis and Management Challenges
  • And the Dermoscopy Workshop!—from Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD

“Hawaii Derm is a fast-paced, high-yield seminar with world-class speakers across a variety of medical and cosmetic dermatology topics,” opined Dr. Hibler. “The case discussion and Q&A sessions make it very interactive for the audience, allowing you to ask many questions of faculty, which is unlike any other conference. It is an amazing venue to spend time learning and networking with colleagues, but then have the ability to socialize and relax with one another in a beautiful environment!”

“The networking with experts in the field, the live Q&A sessions, the fun activities planned by the Hawaii Derm and Medscape staff, the live injection sessions and obviously just being in Hawaii make this the best meeting!”—Jacqueline Watchmaker, M

Dr. Zachary brought history into it, explaining, “When Henry Roenigk and Howard Maibach started this meeting nearly 50 years ago, they were inspired like no others. Their meetings have educated us and entertained us, and it’s like a family. That’s why I continue to attend the Hawaii Dermatology Seminar!”

Don’t Miss!: Day 4 tomorrow afternoon—The Dermoscopy Workshop

Dr. Ashfaq Marghoob will take a deep dive into dermoscopy. In this 2-hour session, attendees will get expert insight on recognizing and assessing pigmented and non-pigmented lesions commonly seen in dermatologic practice and can earn an additional 2.0 CME/CE credits.

by Colleen Hutchinson

Photos of the Day

Dr. Andrew F. Alexis, Dr. Shawn G. Kwatra and Dr. Natasha A. Mesinkovska closing out Session V: The Medical Dermatology Medley, Too.

We ended day 2 with networking, music and a beautiful sunset at the Welcome Reception & Poster Walk.

Attendees explore the Exhibit Hall.

A Message from Our Co-Chair

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Dr. Jerome Potozkin was yesterday's raffle winner at the MedscapeLIVE! Booth.

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