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February Innovations in Dermatology: Psychodermatology, Hawaii Derm, and Are You Up to Date on the Expanding Toolbox of Fillers?


Welcome back to Innovations in Dermatology! This month we speak to an Advisory Chair and faculty of Medscape’s upcoming Hawaii Dermatology Seminar, Dr. Jacqueline Watchmaker, who brings a critical knowledge of new research and best practices in cosmetic dermatology to this interview and to the Hawaii Derm agenda, and also shares takeaways from the recent Women’s and Pediatric Dermatology Seminar and from her own research and experience in aesthetic dermatology. Read on for some sneak peek clinical pearls from Hawaii Derm that attendees will be learning.

Register now! For the upcoming February Hawaii Dermatology Seminar (45th Annual)

Waikiki Beach Marriott • Honolulu, Hawaii, February 19-24, 2023

·        World-class faculty will bring you the latest dermatological advancements with presentations that go beyond the podium.

·        With interactive exhibitions, live-patient injection sessions, workshops, talkbacks and other surprising new formats, you’ll return to practice with information that will make an immediate impact on patient care.

·        From new developments in aesthetic medicine to the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of skin diseases, this 6-day event covers everything from acne to atopic dermatitis, psoriasis to skin cancers, surgical pearls to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

·        To register click here!

Need CME? We’ve got you covered! Two meetings you can still view and get CME from online: The Innovations in Dermatology Fall Conference that took place in November, and the Beauty Through Science BtS | New York conference that just took place in December! Click on either meeting link to register and catch up on your CME!

Keep current on new publications with our Derm Resource section, with articles from JAMA Dermatology, Dermatology News, Cutis, NEJM and more. Thank you to Dr. Watchmaker for her time and expertise. Please contact me at colleen@cmhadvisors.com with comments or suggestions. Thanks for reading! —Colleen Hutchinson

Around the Corner: Dr. Watchmaker on the Upcoming Hawaii Derm

Dr. Watchmaker is a board-certified dermatologist at Southwest Skin Specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona and is fellowship trained in cosmetic and laser medicine. Dr. Watchmaker just served as faculty for the recent Medscape LIVE Women’s and Pediatric Dermatology Seminar (WPD). 

In the area of aesthetics, is the Hawaii Derm agenda pretty comprehensive?

Dr. Watchmaker: Yes—definitely. We have two full days of aesthetic lectures! The lectures range from fillers and neuromodulators to body contouring to perceptions of beauty. 

 Several new fillers have recently hit the market. Can you share any pearls you will specifically present on these fillers at Hawaii Derm?

Dr. Watchmaker: A few new fillers have recently hit the market and there are a few more in the pipeline that likely will be commercially available soon. I will specifically be talking about a new filler that is FDA approved for jawline contouring and another new filler that is FDA approved for perioral rhytids. I’ll share before and after pictures as well as videos showing injection techniques.

You serve as Session Chair for Session 6: What's Trending in Facial Rejuvenation: Using All the Tools in the Toolbox. Faculty will present on cosmeceuticals, lasers, treating the photodamaged patient, and non-surgical skin tightening. How deep does this session go into these topics?

Dr. Watchmaker: Pretty deep! We have a whole day to discuss these topics. We structured the day so that each lecture is 10-15 minutes long, which provides ample time for questions as well as discussion amongst the faculty. All of the lectures provide practical pearls that audience members can easily apply to their clinical practice. We also have quite a few case-based discussions where different leaders in the field address specifically how they would approach an aesthetic concern.

We recently discussed the case of your patient who suffered from acne for years. After treating her acne medically and then treating her acne scars with fractional non ablative laser, pulsed dye laser and microneedling, you saw her demeanor shift from “self-conscious and shy to a confident and overall happier young woman.” Are there psychological aspects to dermatological care?

Dr. Watchmaker: Definitely. I really believe in the mind/body connection, and I think there are many components to dermatology that are psychological. In fact, there is even a field of medicine known as psychodermatology that deals with the connection between the mind and skin disease. This field is well-established in Europe and is slowly gaining more recognition in the United States. 

Can you tell us what to expect in the live injection portion of the Hawaii Derm program?

Dr. Watchmaker: We will have 3 live patients as well as 3 physician injectors. The physician injectors will discuss how they assess patients prior to treatment and then demonstrate different injection techniques with both hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators. I love watching these live injection sessions because I always learn a new pearl or technique! 

How would you characterize the growth in so many new aesthetic technologies/devices/treatments, and how can a practicing dermatologist keep up?

Dr. Watchmaker: The field of aesthetic medicine is ever expanding. Younger patients are seeking cosmetic intervention, and many older patients are opting to forgo surgery for more minimally invasive procedures. I feel like every week there is a new treatment or device that is hitting the market! Attending conferences and reading peer-reviewed medical journals can help practicing dermatologists stay up to date. 

You’ve presented numerous times on toxin and filler updates at Medscape LIVE’s Women’s and Pediatric Dermatology Seminar. Is there a lot to know in 2023 that may differ from previous standards?

Dr. Watchmaker: Even though the basics of toxin and filler haven’t changed much in the past few years, with time we continue to learn new injection techniques that are safer and provide more aesthetically pleasing outcomes for patients. Also, new anatomical studies have shifted some of the ways we think about and address the aging face.

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Medscape February 45th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar (Waikiki Beach Marriott, Honolulu, Hawaii) February 19-24, 2023